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Neutral Aesthetic: 90 Day Self Care Journal

Neutral Aesthetic: 90 Day Self Care Journal

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Be Enough For Yourself First. The Rest Of The World Can Wait!

When life gets overwhelming and difficult obstacles come your way, it's a great time to relax and take care of yourself. Because you deserve all the love, care, and attention, our self-care journal will give you just that. Self care is important for a happy and balance life. Beside, you can't save the world if you are unable to save yourself first.

This powerful 90 Day self-care journal includes:
  • Two page Self-Care Challenges
  • Self-Care reflection page
  • Brain Dump page
  • Daily pages with fitness log, meal plan, water intake
  • Daily pages with Todays affirmations, Todays focus, & reading log
  • 185 pages
  • Pages are in black & white
Grab this journal and take about 5-10 minutes out your day to focus on self. Reset your mind and prioritize your well being for 90 days. You are well worth it!

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